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1. a virtuosic crossover violin duo that performs original arrangements of favorites from Chopin, Debussy, and Ravel to Benny Goodman, Beatles, and Bernstein. 

2. a modern artistic collective dedicated to bringing “alt-classical music” to all audiences in a way that sparks imagination and excitement.

3. a name drawing inspiration from the artistic collective of the 1920s, Les Six, a group of six French composers working in Montparnasse, Paris whose avant-garde simplicity is often seen as a reaction against the heavy romantic and lush impressionistic styles of their day.

4.  two in a long line of famous duos (and like any true great pairing, one without the other would be one too few):  Lucy + Ethel, Barbie + Midge, Peppermint Patty + Marcie, Wilma + Betty, Alice + Trixie, Betty + Veronica, Laverne + Shirley, Tina + Amy, Kristen + Maya, Thelma + Louise, Cher + Dionne, Rachel + Monica, Mary + Rhoda, Paris + Nicole, Oprah + Gayle, Kathie Lee + Hoda